Welcome to my website.  I’m excited to announce the release of my new book, God’s Investment.  I’ve spent the last 3 weeks putting my thoughts into words.  It’s challenging to write about buried memories and emotional trauma.  But with God’s help he has allowed to heal and forgive as this book was rewritten.  

My desire is to now mend my heart, mend my soul, and mend my relationship with God. Over the years, I neglected His heart. I struggled with my faith and questioned His very existence. I struggled to find truth, because my eyes and ears were closed. My mouth was opened as I spewed out complaints and babbling. Over my life, I dealt with acute stress; poverty, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, divorce, moving, change of jobs, deaths, loss of friendships, and financial struggles. It was more than I could bear on my own. It’s my faith, my faith in Jesus Christ, my God my friend who delivered me. He invested in me and I in Him. We are a team and he is my captain.

I’m hopeful that my next 40 years will be easier than the first, but regardless I’ll always have this book to remind me how He carried me through the trials and tribulations.

This book isn’t for debate, as it’s my right to own my experiences and bear witness to God’s grace, love and mercy.

I have forgiven, and I release it all, as I am free!

This book is geared toward women who need to heal from childhood pain, who are involved with domestic violence, women who need to be heard, women who want to better their life, women who are stuck, and women who want to be loved!  God was my source and inspiration as he used many people to shine his face upon me.  He redeemed, he saved, and he loves me. My prayer is to be a source to another woman in need of his love.

May you be blessed and encouraged, knowing something is greater in you than in the world.

With Love,
Lorelei Garnes