God's Investment

Lorelei Garnes has overcome obstacles in her life, while achieving remarkable goals.  Her story begins the day of her birth, as she was born outside of a hospital, in the hallway of a local Miami hotel. Her own mother shared similar struggles as she, too, battled the vicious cycle of generational suffering.  Lorelei’s story is unique, as she encouraged her own children to break this cycle. Her story is raw and empowering, sometimes painfully tugging at your heartstrings. She sparks buried memories of her life experiences.

Go with her as she experiences the kaleidoscope of emotions that life has to offer; anger, sadness, hopelessness, joy, laughter and love. Having internalized a distance between her past and future, she found that writing this book helped to open the floodgates of healing even further. Her greatest desire is to see others empowered, to send them the message that no matter what they’ve been through or where they are in life, God has a plan for them to find happiness.

God invested in her life. Facing her greatest fears and admitting to deep, painful trauma aloud takes courage. Her intention in writing this book is to reveal God’s love and to perhaps motivate others to make substantial life changes. It’s never too late to let God’s love light the way on your journey through life.

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